Richard Dedor

Whether it is work in the non-profit sector, athletic coaching, business leadership, or entrepreneurship, Richard believes in the power and strength of our community.

Richard understands the power of collaboration; in business, in communities, in neighborhoods, and in politics. And, he refuses to accept that our best days are behind us.

I believe in a world that lifts everyone up, and leaves no one behind.

Awarded the American Citizenship Medal from the Iowa Bar Association in 2002, and as a two-time political candidate, Richard believes in service and has spent over 20 years giving back to the local community.

He has worked to:

  • build homes with Habitat for Humanity
  • reduced substance abuse in teenagers
  • introduce tennis to undeserved communities
  • raise money for local efforts to support individuals and families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease
  • improve the state of Iowa through work with the U.S. Civil Rights Commission

A graduate of both North Iowa Area Community College and the University of Northern Iowa, Richard contributed to ‘A Better Iowa’ and The Des Moines Register and has appeared in The Hill, Al Jazeera America, and Washington Blade.

He has authored three books. Richard lives in Urbandale with his husband, Steve, daughter Kennedy, and their dog, Aiden.