On Learning

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Life is a complicated journey. It has it’s ups and downs; victories and losses. We never know what is coming around the next corner.

Over the past year, me and my family have endured some terrible lows. But also, some of the highest moments in our lives. That’s the nature of this journey we are on and why it is so important to take each and every day as it comes.

In his speech announcing the suspension of his campaign, Pete Buttigieg called the work of his campaign, “soul craft.” I think that’s the work of our lives, too. We fight each and every day for our souls and what makes us sing.

This Einstein quote speaks to me:

“The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.”

And it’s true. Each day is a chance to learn something new. To be challenged. To get better.

I wonder what today will bring.

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